Call Signalling & Handling Events

"callEvents": {
    "muted": "2021-01-25T22:49:20.626Z",
    "unmuted": "2021-01-25T22:49:20.626Z",
    "onHold": "2021-01-25T22:49:20.626Z",
    "resumed": "2021-01-25T22:49:20.626Z",
    "incoming": "2021-01-25T22:49:14.427Z",
    "connecting": "2021-01-25T22:49:14.427Z",
    "connected": "2021-01-25T22:49:20.626Z",
    "ended": {
      "party": "Agent",
      "timestamp": "2021-01-25T22:50:15.280Z"
Field NameExample DataDescription
initiated2020-08-05T08:00:13ZThe time the contact connected to the Connect environment
incoming2020-08-05T08:00:01.441ZIndicates that the contact is incoming and is waiting for acceptance
connecting2020-08-05T08:00:01.442ZIndicates that the contact is currently connecting. For ContactType.VOICE contacts, this is when the user will accept the incoming call. For all other types, the contact will be accepted during the ContactStateType.INCOMING state.
accepted2020-08-05T08:00:10.025ZIndicates the contact has been accepted
connected2020-08-05T08:00:10.578ZIndicates the contact is connected
muted2020-08-05T08:00:44.975ZThe agents local media has been set to mute
unmuted2020-08-05T08:00:55.018ZThe agents local media has been taken off mute
onHold2020-08-05T08:00:22.346ZThe connection is connected but on hold.
resumed2020-08-05T08:00:33.951ZThe connection st taken off on hold.
disconnected2020-08-05T08:01:49ZThe connection is no longer connected to the contact
endedparty:AgentIndicates the contact has ended and the Party that ended the call
timestamp2020-08-05T08:01:05.182ZThe time the call ended