How Operata data collection works

To deliver the key features offered by Operata, data is collected from two distinct sources:

  1. Customer AWS environment (Cloud Collector) using a Lambda function or containers provided by Operata.
  2. Agent’s Chrome Browser (Agent Experience Collector) using the official Operata Chrome Extension or SDK.

Type of data collected by Operata

The type of data that is collected by Operata can be divided into two categories:

Customer Experience
Data pertaining to the end-to-end calling party (customer) journey through the Amazon Connect contact flow, and their interactions with bots & agents.
Typically this is IVR (contact flow) logs as well as call detail (contact trace) records.

Agent Experience
Data pertaining to the agent network & operating environment making up the Agent Experience (AX). Typically, this includes softphone, network, system & headset logs as well as end-user reported issues.