Active Operata account required

You will require an active Operata account in order to use this feature.


Amazon EventBridge Information

For further information and to get started with the Amazon EventBridge service head to the official AWS service page here

Create an event source in Operata console


You will require your AWS account number for this step

  1. Create an event source in the Operata Console (Settings → Configs → Event Bridge)

  2. You will see a confirmation and a unique URL created in the console. Take note of this URL.

Configure partner event source in AWS Console

  1. The created event source with the URL matching from the Operata Console should appear in the AWS account under Partner Event Sources.

  2. The newly created event source would be in pending state (status column). To make it active associate it with an event bus. This can be done by selecting the event source link and selecting Associate with event bus. Event bus names are usually the same as event source names

  3. Create a rule to suit your use case.

What’s Next

A catalog of complete sample events sent to Amazon EventBridge