Enabling Heartbeat

Once Orchestrator is up an running, here's how to add Heartbeat..

The first step is to create a Heartbeat routing profile

  • Navigate to Amazon Connect console (login using emergency access)
  • Navigate to Routing Profiles
  • Click on Add new profile to create a new routing profile with name Operata_Heartbeat_RP.
  • Choose the Voice checkbox.
  • Choose the inbound and outbound queues and save

Next steps:
For Orchestrator to work, it needs the Operata Heartbeat contact flow to be associated with the lambda and virtual agent to run the test on, here's how.

Firstly create the Contact Flow

Now Associate the Contact Flow Lambda created by the CloudFormation stack to the contact flow you have just created.

  • Navigate to Amazon Connect instance → Contact flows
  • In the AWS Lambda section, choose the lambda that has been created and click on Add Lambda Function
    Note: Lambda function can be found in Resources tab on the CloudFormation stack)
  • Navigate to the Amazon Connect console (using login for emergency access)
  • Navigate to the contact flow you have just created.

Lastly, Select Invoke AWS Lambda function and choose the lambda function and then PUBLISH

What’s Next

Creating the Heartbeat Virtual Agent