CloudFormation for Conductor (Cloud Collector)

The process to follow to create Conductor (Cloud Collector) within your AWS environment.

Preparation is key to a quick and successful deployment of Operata Conductor (Cloud Collector).

For information: Secrets Management
This Cloud Formation template automatically stores the Client Secret in AWS Secrets Manager.

  • AWS Secrets Manager documentation can be found here

Before you start, ensure you have the 3 prerequisites below enabled:

  1. Enable Data Streaming in your Amazon Connect instance.
  2. Enable Logging in your Amazon Connect instance
  3. Set logging behaviour in your contact flow using the steps below
    • Add a Set logging behaviour block and connect it to another block in the flow.
    • Select Enable to turn on logging for the flow. (Select Disable to turn off logging for the flow.)
    • Choose Save.
  4. If you are using a Kinesis Firehose only, you will need to create a Kinesis Stream and use this as the source for your Firehose - here's how.

CloudFormation installation

Before starting the installation, ensure you have the 7 three pieces of information below ready for for the CloudFormation installation:

1. Contact Flow Log Group Name

From the AWS Console - Amazon Connect - Contact flows
Name of the CloudWatch log group that logs can be generated in
Note: add a leading / to the URL - Example /aws/connect/operata

2. ContentControlConfig

Enter the S3 URL of the Content Control Configuration file provided by Operata
See the details here -
If you are not using this, then leave it blank.

3. KinesisStreamCFR

From the AWS Console - Amazon Connect - Contact Flows
The Kinesis stream name for Contact Flow Records - if it already exists, else leave it blank and a new one will be created.

  • To confirm and find the details login to your AWS Console and select CloudWatch and Log Groups
  • Search the CFRLogGroupName and then click on any subscriptions listed (if there are none listed then Operata will create one)

4. Kinesis stream ARN for Contact Trace Records

Make a note of the Kinesis stream ARN for CloudWatch group.
Note: if one is pre-exisiting, otherwise one will be created for you

5. LogLevel

Log Level needs to stay as pre-populated 0

6. OperataAPIUrl

OperataAPIUrl this needs to stay as pre-populated

7. Operata Group ID and Client Secret.

Operata need to be contacted to provide this detail.

Now you have all the details, lets create Conductor

On AWS console, navigate to CloudFormation and create stack - with new resources (standard).
Note: Make sure you are logged in to the right AWS region.

Select Upload a template file and upload the Operata yml and select Next
Note: download the right one for your ARN region

Give the stack a name - including Operata Conductor in the name is a good idea.
Fill in the parameters you have collected above.

Make any changes as required in Configure stack options or simply choose Next

Review the deployment, confirm access capabilities and click Create Stack

The CloudFormation process will start and you will see an update on its progress to Complete.
After the stack is created, navigate to Resources tab and search for log.
Click on the log group link to navigate to logs.
Logs generated will confirm that the Conductor is deployed and running.

Further Support

If you have issues or questions don't hesitate to contact us.