Operata Cloud Collector Overview

What is Operata Cloud Collector?

Operata Cloud Collector collects relevant contact and performance metadata for your Customers interactions within Amazon Connect and securely sends this data to the Operata Platform.

This data is correlated with both softphone performance metrics and other events collected for the lifecycle for the interaction.

This end-to-end view is presented inside the Operata UI with rich visualisations providing clear insights, powerful reporting, learning and alerting.

How Cloud Collector Works

Operata Cloud Collector Architecture OverviewOperata Cloud Collector Architecture Overview

Operata Cloud Collector Architecture Overview

At the heart of Cloud Collector is a pre-built Lambda function provided by Operata which is implemented within your AWS instance using CloudFormation.

This Lambda function is fully configurable to ensure you are in total control of what data is sent to Operata.

Cloud Collector monitors your Amazon Connect instance for new or updated Contact Flow Logs (delivered to CloudWatch) and Contact Trace Records (delivered via Kinesis).

The data is securely shipped to the Operata platform via HTTPS, using SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.


Before you begin, please ensure you have:

  • An active Operata subscription
  • Your Operata Group Credentials
  • Approval from your Operata Customer Success Manager


Terms of Service

By installing Operata Software, you agree to and accept the Operata Terms Of Service

Time to complete deployment

Allow 1 hour for deployment and testing of Operata Cloud Collector


Deployment Scheduling

Deployment of this service must be scheduled with Operata prior to deployment. Please contact your Customer Success Manager regarding scheduling.

Operata is not responsible for costs or damages caused by incorrect or unscheduled deployments.

Architecture Overview

Operata Cloud Collector DiagramOperata Cloud Collector Diagram

Operata Cloud Collector Diagram

IAM Roles & Policies Used by Cloud Collector


IAM Privileges

Operata Cloud Collector uses a policy of least privilege for all access granted as part of the deployment.

The following Roles & Policies will be created during deployment



Lambda Execution

Allows the execution of the Lamda Function, Kinesis consumption & logging.

Kinesis Creation

Allows the creation of a Kinesis Data Stream

CloudWatch Kinesis Subscription

Allows the Kinesis data stream to subscribe to CloudWatch a specified log group


Get Object

Detailed Roles & Policies information can be found within the Operata CloudFormation templates

Secrets Management

  • AWS Secrets Manager documentation can be found here

  • Operata Secret key rotation can be achieved within the Operata Console

Key Rotation processKey Rotation process

Key Rotation process


Key Rotation Frequency

Operata recommends a key rotation frequency of 90 days.

Billable AWS Services used in the deployment

Operata Cloud Collector uses the following services within your AWS Account. All usage is billable to the customers AWS account and is the responsibility of the customer to manage according to thier own billing policies.

  • Lambda
  • Kinesis
  • S3
  • AWS Secrets Manager

Further information on usage cost estimation can be found here

Billable Operata components

Cloud Collector is included in all Operata plans. There are no additional costs billed by Operata to use this service.

Lambda Sizing

Cloud Collector is sized as per below:

Memory Allocation



20 seconds



Operata Cloud Collector has been suitably sized for most enterprise deployments, however, may need to be changed for some high-use circumstances. Please contact Operata support or your Customer Success Manager for further information.

Testing the deployment

  • Customers will be assigned an Operata Engineer to test & certify the installation post-deployment.
  • Logs are also available in the Lambda Console and/or CloudWatch to verify the installation.


Event Delays

Events can take up to 5-minutes to appear within the Operata Console.

Troubleshooting the deployment

  1. Check for Lambda execution failures
  2. Confirm the correct credentials are being used against the correct GroupId
  3. Check Lambda Console and/or CloudWatch logs for information on failures

Please contact Operata support or your Customer Success Manager for further troubleshooting.

Monitoring Lambda

  • Logs and metrics are enabled by default
  • Lambda metrics and logs can be found in the Lambda Console and/or CloudWatch

Failure Recovery

This service is not designed to be High Availability (HA). Should you have a requirement for HA or if you suffer a prolonged outage please contact Operata support or your Customer Success Manager to discuss options.


Operata will provide an updated CloudFormation template as part of updates or critical patches.


Business day support is available with all Operata plans. 24 x 7 Support is available on application.






[email protected]


On Application

What’s Next

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